Gene Petrino

Gene Petrino: A Healthcare Security Consultant’s Perspective on Healthcare

Gene Petrino, a Healthcare Security Consultant and Trainer, shares his perspective on healthcare. A member of Generation, Gene is located in Florida. His company is called Survival Response. This is a virtual interview for the Perspectives on Healthcare Podcast.

Tell me about yourself and your role in healthcare:

I help healthcare CEO’s increase profitability through safety. We accomplish this by focusing on employee’s first thereby reducing patient errors/readmissions. This end result is increased patient care, employee satisfaction, and hospital profitability.

What does quality healthcare mean to you?:

Quality healthcare to me is a result of good customer service (kind/compassionate treatment), and skilled practical care.

Can you give me an example of quality healthcare?:

One example would be during the intake process. A patient that is treated like a person rather than an number goes a long way in providing quality care.

What do you wish people understood about your role in healthcare?:

Healthcare safety/security is a key indicator to quality of service and patient care. Too often, hospital administrators see security as an obstacle rather than a solution.

What excites you about the future of healthcare?:

There are still many people entering the industry eager to make a difference.

What is one thing medical professionals can start doing today to improve the quality of healthcare?:

Take time for self-care.

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