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Perspectives on Health Care: A Discussion with Peter Higgins, Physician Assistant

In a recent interview on Perspectives on Health Care with host Rob Oliver, Peter Higgins, a seasoned Physician Assistant specializing in family practice and neonatology in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, offered profound insights into the world of health care and his personal journey within the field.

An Overview of the Interview

In this illuminating conversation, Higgins shares his unique path into health care, tracing his interest in medicine back to a familial connection. His exposure to the medical field at an early age, assisting in a family member’s practice, sparked his passion for becoming a Physician Assistant. He emphasizes the significance of personal connections as a catalyst for many individuals entering the health care profession.

Defining Quality Health Care

When asked about his perception of quality health care, Higgins draws inspiration from a biblical principle from the Book of Micah. He encapsulates the essence of quality health care in three fundamental principles: doing justly, showing mercy, and embodying humility. This foundational ethos serves as a compass in providing comprehensive and compassionate care to patients.

Examples of Quality Health Care

Higgins reflects on the paradox of patient perspectives versus the reality of medical intervention. He highlights moments where significant impacts on patients’ lives might not always align with the perceived magnitude of medical assistance provided. He shares poignant instances where delivering challenging diagnoses, such as cancer or HIV, led to heartfelt expressions of gratitude from patients, acknowledging the sensitive handling of such difficult news.

Insights into the Physician Assistant Role

Expressing a desire for a broader understanding of the demanding nature of a Physician Assistant’s role, Higgins sheds light on the multifaceted responsibilities that extend beyond patient consultations. He emphasizes the juggling act of managing appointments, responding to colleagues, and handling administrative tasks, underscoring the necessity for patients to comprehend the comprehensive workload of health care providers.

The Future of Health Care

Touching upon the evolving landscape of health care, Higgins discusses the transition from manual record-keeping to electronic medical records. He anticipates a future where streamlined electronic systems foster seamless connectivity among medical facilities, offering enhanced patient care, reduced errors, and a comprehensive view of medical histories.

Enhancing Health Care Quality Today

Offering practical advice for fellow health care professionals, Higgins advocates for self-care as a cornerstone for delivering quality health care. Recognizing the demanding nature of the profession, he underscores the importance of personal well-being, asserting that a balanced life enables practitioners to bring their best selves to patient care.


In this engaging interview, Peter Higgins shares invaluable insights into the ethos of quality health care, the multifaceted role of a Physician Assistant, and the evolving landscape of the health care industry.

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