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Dr. Trevor: A Medical Student’s Perspective on Healthcare

Dr. Trevor gives us a medical student’s perspective on healthcare as he talks with Rob Oliver on this episode of the Perspectives on Healthcare Podcast. As a Podcaster who talks about the realities of the healthcare system, Dr. Trevor values his anonymity. The information we do have is that he is a millennial based in the state of New York. Additionally, he is working to become an emergency medical physician.

Here are 3 things that stood out as Dr. Trevor shared a medical student’s perspective on healthcare:

· In primary care, 50% of the problems are supratentorial in nature.
· You need to meet the patient where they are and look at the root cause of why they are displaying the behaviors or symptoms that they are presenting.
· One of the most exciting things for the future of healthcare is the ability to have an open dialogue about what’s going on within the healthcare system!

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Disclaimer: All opinions expressed by guests on the Perspectives on Healthcare Podcast are solely the opinion of the guest. They are not to be misconstrued as medical diagnoses or medical advice. Please consult with a licensed medical professional before attempting any of the treatments suggested.

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