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Gurpreet Padda: An Anesthesiologist’s Perspective on Healthcare

In this episode we hear an anesthesiologist’s perspective on healthcare from Gurpreet Padda. He joined the Perspectives on Healthcare Podcast with Rob Oliver from his home state of Missouri. In addition to being an anesthesiologist, he has expertise in pain, addiction, obesity and diabetes. Gurpreet is a member of the Baby Boomer Generation. One of the uniting factors of all these issues, he says, is meta-inflammation.

Here are 3 things that stood out as Gurpreet Padda gave us an anesthesiologist’s perspective on healthcare:

· The common thread that ties together all the epidemics and pandemics that we are facing is metabolic inflammation
· Our bodies are not constructed to handle the types of food that we are eating and the frequency with which we are eating
· Doctors and medical practitioners need to be role models for the types of behaviors they encourage their patients to follow. Overweight doctors are less likely to talk about weight issues with their patients and their patients are less likely to listen to them.

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