Malinda Shultice

Malinda Shultice: A CCRC Executive Director’s Perspective on Healthcare

It’s a CCRC Executive Director’s perspective on healthcare from Malinda Shultice on this episode of the Perspectives on Healthcare Podcast with Rob Oliver. CCRC stands for a Continuing Care Retirement Center. Malinda joins the podcast from Iowa. In addition to being the Executive Director of a CCRC, she is also a professor of aging services. Malinda Shultice is a member of the millennial generation.

Here are 3 things that stood out as Malinda Shultice gave us a CCRC Executive Director’s perspective on healthcare:

· Continuing care allows people to age through the stages of needing different levels of care: independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing facility
· Managing the direct care staff is the most important and challenging aspect of the job. Empowered employees do better work. Management styles are important!
· Healthcare is a fragile ecosystem.

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