Nurse Linda Schultz

“Nurse Linda” Schultz: A Rehabilitation Nurse’s Perspective on Healthcare

We hear a rehabilitation nurse’s perspective on healthcare from Linda Schultz on this episode of the Perspectives on Healthcare Podcast with Rob Oliver. Linda is a member of the Baby Boomer Generation and is based in Missouri. She specializes in spinal cord injury and within that community is known as “Nurse Linda”. Additionally, she has a PhD in nursing research.

Here are 3 things that stood out as Linda Schultz gave us a rehabilitation nurse’s perspective on healthcare:

· When a person comes into the rehab setting, they are likely at their lowest point. Medical practitioners can only serve as guides to the individuals going through the rehabilitation process.
· Quality healthcare is being able to find the middle ground, what are the needs and desires of the individual and how can we match those with the resources that are available to them?
· There is a population that is not interested in research and new procedures until they become reality and are available to the public.

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