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Omar Yassin: A Pharmacy Resident’s Perspective on Healthcare

We hear a pharmacy resident’s perspective on healthcare from Omar Yassin on this episode of the Perspectives on Healthcare Podcast with Rob Oliver. He is currently a pharmacy resident at the University of Arizona. A member of Generation Z, Omar is originally from Egypt. With a particular interest in geriatric psychiatry, he has worked in a variety of settings and logged over 1500 clinical hours.

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Here are 3 things that stood out as Omar Yassin shared a pharmacy resident’s perspective on healthcare:

  • Quality healthcare involves assessing a patient’s health not just during their hospital stay but also after discharge. This is key to addressing issues leading to readmission.
  • By sharing their knowledge and experiences, healthcare professionals can educate the public and promote better health outcomes.
  • It is imperative to consider nonpharmacological approaches to healthcare. Concepts like lifestyle modifications and alternative treatments in addition to medication.

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