You are currently viewing Vacation Rebroadcast of Anton Gunn: A Hospital Executive’s Perspective on Healthcare

Vacation Rebroadcast of Anton Gunn: A Hospital Executive’s Perspective on Healthcare

Rob Oliver is on vacation this week so there is not a new interview for the Perspectives on Healthcare Podcast. The good news is that he chose one of the episodes that have the greatest impact on him for a rebroadcast. From September 3, 2021 we get a hospital executive’s perspective on healthcare from Anton Gunn. He is a former hospital executive, a social worker by training and made leadership expert. Anton was part of President Obama’s team for the Affordable Care Act. A member of Generation X, he lives in Columbia, South Carolina.

Anton gave us a lot of food for thought as he shared the hospital executive’s perspective. However, here are 3 things that stood out to me from Anton Gunn’s perspective on healthcare:

· Healthcare is not accessible, affordable or available to every person in America
· Quality healthcare is the highest level of care you can receive
· The 3 most important questions:
o “Do you care about me?”
o “Will you help me?”
o “Can I trust you?”

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