Meet Rob Oliver

Rob Oliver’s medical file shows a lifetime of dealing with the healthcare community. It includes Scarlet Fever, several concussions, a misdiagnosis of Muscular Dystrophy, migraines, Irritable Bowel syndrome, Spinal Cord Injury, a brain tumor, and more. Let’s just say he has extensive experience as a patient.

In 1999, Rob put that experience to work and began training medical professionals and organizations about patient and family centered care. From doctors to nurses to therapists to frontline staff, they have all learned (or at least been reminded) that without patients, healthcare doesn’t exist. He has shared his insights as a trainer and a keynote speaker for hospitals, medical groups and associations.

As a speaker, Rob has been recognized twice with the “Best of…” Award as the top rated motivational speaker in his hometown market of Pittsburgh. He has written three best-selling books, two autobiographical and one children’s anti-bullying book. When COVID struck, he took the opportunity to start a podcast called “Learning from Smart People” which helps entrepreneurs. That show started in April 2020 and is well over 100 episodes.

He decided to take what he has learned about podcasting and start a new podcast utilizing his expertise and passion in the medical field. He has been providing the patient’s perspective to medical professionals and organizations and realized how valuable it would be to hear things from their perspective.

To bring Rob Oliver in as a speaker to your event, visit the Booking Page. Your audience will receive information, inspiration and insights.

When Rob Oliver is not speaking, training, writing or recording podcast, you will find him spending time with his wife and three kids (they are triplets which is a whole other story) at his home outside of Pittsburgh.